Library Content in Quercus

Library Course Reserves application

The Library Course Reserves application is now integrated into Quercus for easy access to course readings. If you are using this service,  you should add the Library Course Reserves Navigation Link so that it appears in your Course Navigation menu. The Navigation Link can be found and added to your course in Settings > Navigation.  Click here for detailed instructions. 

I'm an instructor and would like support with my course readings:

Students and instructors can also access readings by:

  1. Logging into
  2. Selecting the class they are interested in to launch the course reading list.

If you have any questions, please contact 

Library Resources menu item

The Library Resources application is now integrated into Quercus. The Library Resource item links to either:

  1. A course research guide, provided one currently exists and has been matched to the course in question,


  2. A general research guide that is not subject-specific, but includes quick links to library resources such as a catalogue/article search box, quick links, and library help.

For more information, please visit this library page.